about me

As someone with chronic lung issues, I have managed to improve my lung function through yogic breathing, asana (movement), relaxation and meditation. However, physically is just one aspect of the way that yoga has benefited my life. As I started my yoga teacher training journey I was a stay at home mother with five kids, all doing their various hobbies etc, trying to navigate it all without cracking up! I realised that the more I practiced yoga, the more content I was being at home, the less stressed I was with my children and I was better able to deal with the ups and downs of life. This stayed with me throughout the stressors of childrearing, dealing with the loss of a parent, the end of a marriage, going through a divorce and all of the ups and downs that come our way in life.

I am an Accessible Yoga Ambassador, which means that in my class I abide by the principle that yoga is for all beings “ONCE YOU CAN BREATHE, YOU CAN DO YOGA”. Yoga is available to you no matter your age, sex, size, or physical ability. In some bodies, this means modifying poses, using props such as blocks/chairs/walls/cushions to support ourselves throughout the practice, or maybe doing your class in a chair. What we want to do is adjust our yoga asana (movements) to suit our bodies, not the other way around.

It is my passion to make sure that you feel safe and at ease and that your yoga experience is a wonderful one. I can help you modify any poses that are not physically available to you and for the days that you don’t feel able for a physical practice, then we meditate and relax. All of these are part of the eight limbs of yoga, physical movement is only one part of this!
I can guide you through the practice but your job is to listen to your own body’s innate wisdom, not push into a pose that doesn’t feel safe and get the best from your practice.

I completed my 500 hours of yoga training with Yoga Therapy Ireland (RYT500 HOURS). Since then I’ve completed many add-on training including Yoga for the Special Child, Yoga for Special Needs Adults, Yoga Therapy and Post Grad in Yoga Studies, Accessible Yoga Training, Embodied Yoga Principles, Yoga for Cancer Care I, II, Advanced Yoga Training, Chair Yoga, Yoga Nidra Facilitator, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Life Coach Certification, Healing with Trauma-Informed Yoga, Yoga Shred, Rockstar Teacher Training and most recently my favourite and most challenging training so far Masters of Wisdom Meditation Training with my amazing teacher Davidji. I am currently participating in his Foundations Course, diving more into Yoga and Buddist Philosophy.

For me upskilling and learning are not just to share with you the student but to help me evolve and grow as a human being too!

My classes

I have a lot of students of all different ages and abilities, some who originally came to me for Yoga Therapy. In these classes students are going through treatment for illness and injuries, students that are dealing with other issues (arthritis, crohn’s disease, migraine, back problems, hip/knee problems, PTSD, anxiety and chronic stress to name a few).

In this class I really want to create a space where we get to forget for a while about our stresses and worries, our ailments and injuries and connect with mind, body and breath,in whatever way we turn up on that day,we get to meet with a community of like minded beings, (who do not take themselves too seriously), move what our bodies can on any given days, and if the movement isn’t happening we breathe, we meditate and we relax and we get to connect with like minded souls. My weekday classes are a bit stronger, but modifications are always given so please feel that you can come along to any class. For me, yoga should not only relax you and help you feel good in your own body, mind and breath, but we should feel good after a yoga practice.

Normally classes are run from LUCAN YOGA STUDIO, a cosy inviting space above the Ball Alley House in Lucan, however due to restrictions all classes are currently live on zoom.


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