Yoga Mixed Ability

Meditation / Mindfulness / Relaxation Online Class 9.00pm – 10.00pm

Gentle Yoga/Yoga Therapy

Gentle Yoga/Yoga Therapy

Coming soon another morning class
for beginners, gentle yoga, yoga for all bodies

I am also available for private sessions on zoom. First lets connect and see what you really need at the moment, also we can change our sessions from week to week, one week you may really need movement and the next mindfulness and breathwork, we can custom make sessions to suit your needs. Lets connect to discuss!

Corporate mindfulness / meditation & yoga

I have been teaching corporate yoga for a few years now, for now, during covid, these classes are online. I can teach either meditation and/or yoga classes (hatha yoga/gentle yoga/chair-office yoga) and the length and day varies depending on your needs. I will come up with a custom made plan to suit your company’s needs.

One-off classes for groups / companies / organisations

These classes can be also tailor made. We will discuss what is needed and work around that. All yoga classes consist of some meditation and breathing techniques, yoga asana (poses) and relaxation.

With meditation, over the weeks we learn different breathing practices, different stress relieving techniques and different ways to meditate. Not all meditation practices suit everyone so learning a few different techniques helps you find one that will resonate with you