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Learn how to bring harmony between your body, mind and breath in this wonderful practice. 

Yoga can be practiced by everybody.  If you have a body, you can do yoga.


Meditation is scientifically proven to help us reduce stress and calm the mind and body. 

 We will learn lots of different meditation techniques until you find a practice that works for you.

Accessible Yoga

All people regardless of age, ability or background deserve equal access to the teachings of yoga. 

We use props, modify poses, teach in a wheelchair/bed wherever you are, we bring this practice to you.

About Me

I am Anna, a yogi, meditator, mother of five now adult children and Nana Anna to one beautiful grandson. I have been practicing yoga and meditation for twenty five years now, and have been teaching yoga for the last 16 years, and meditation for the last few years.

These mind/body/breath/ heart opening practices have really helped me weather all of life’s storms, and are definitely how I am able to handle daily life right now. Dealing with the effects of covid on our day to day living, moving my classes to online and all the restrictions that we collectively are having to deal with. It is my passion to help share the benefits of these amazing stress relieving practices with you and an honor to get to be a part of your journey.

Why attend my classes?

Our Classes & Services

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Special Needs Yoga
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Private Yoga
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Gentle Yoga/Yoga Therapy

New to Yoga?
Classes Available

Offering all levels of classes from Yoga therapy to intermediate yoga, all classes consist of meditation, breathwork, asana and relaxation. Working within your own bodies abilities is what we focus on.


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